Wine Pairings

An Aperitif to Set the Mood

Chat about today’s triumphs and tribulations while sipping a Dry French Rosé paired with our fresh Cherries & Grapes on Goat Cheese Crostini

Under The Tuscan Sun

Stimulate your digestion with a Hearts of Romaine Salad with Shaved Parmesan and Poached Quail Egg excellently paired with a glass of Prosecco topped with a fresh Strawberry

A Night In Casablanca

The exotic sweet & savory flavors of Moroccan Lamb Tagine pairs well with the exotic spicy character of “S” de Sirona, Moroccan Syrah

A Weekend At The Villa

Images of walking thru the wildflowers entice as you dine on Fresh Pasta & Garden Vegetables in Almond Pesto Butter.  This dish pairs with the subtle tannins and medium body of our Super Tuscan Rosa


Savoring the Costa del Sol

Sensations of sand and warm Mediterranean waters filtering through your toes beckon a seaside adventure. Try our Spanish Seafood Paella paired with a luscious, fruit forward Albariño from Rias Baixas, Spain.

Escape to the Château in Southern France

Our French Bouillabaisse is a sophisticated yet rustic and hearty seafood entree.  The mineral and acidic qualities of this time honored, traditional dish is complemented by our E.Guigal Côtes du Rhone.

Relaxing in the Vineyards

The hearty, savory ingredients in our French Cassoulet Toulouse requires the same structure in a wine.The full bodied dark fruit of our Red Bordeaux make it a perfect match

Romancing in Paris

The sensuous character of our Sea Bass Gratin requires a well-balanced finesse wine with ample body and texture.   Indulge with our classy French White Burgundy

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