Boardwalk Bistro Accolades

“Ranging from tapas to tagines to tiramisu, the wonderful array of edibles at this moderately priced North Central Eclectic keeps this bistro busy” – Zagat

“Discover how the Mediterranean meets Parisian, where Parisian meets American, where American meets Moroccan!  This is where discerning diners meet for a great dining experience.” – Today’s Texas Woman

“An inevitably satisfying experience for the power-luncher, the romantic and the epicurean alike”
– The San Antonio Current


“Boardwalk Bistro’s international medley of cuisine sings out to diners”– San Antonio Express-News

“The Mediterranean is home to diverse yet related culinary traditions, and you’ll find tasty renditions of them here” – Texas Monthly 

“The menu offers so many tempting treats, it’s difficult to decide what to order.  I’ve made several visits and have been pleased with my selection each time”
– The Logo, University of Incarnate Word